Watch this Army vet TSA agent spring into action during a bomb scare

The TSA Instagram account is usually a place to laugh at all the ridiculous things people try to sneak through airport security. However, on Veterans Day, they shone the spotlight on an act of heroism that had happened just hours previously at the Orlando International Airport.

When TSA Officer Ricardo Perez, a 20 year Army veteran, noticed smoke billowing from a bag, he instantly realized that there could be an explosive device threatening the passengers in the terminal. You can see a woman point him in the direction of the smoke, at which point Officer Perez instantly grabs the bag and carries it clear of the terminal and everyone inside.

Luckily, it wasn’t a bomb, just a laptop battery that had failed and started smoking. However, it’s worth noting that lithium-ion batteries can still explode and catch fire, and Officer Perez’s actions still saved multiple people from harm.

“Kudos to this veteran, who on Veterans Day, went above and beyond to keep the traveling public safe,” the TSA’s caption read.


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