Are you a vetrepreneur? This new partnership aims to grow your platform

(l to r) Zero Hour Media co-Founder Joe Rare, LifeFlip Media CMO/VP Media Relations Ashley Kamrath, Zero Hour Media co-Founder Tristan Flannery and LifeFlip Media CEO Eric Mitchell. (Photo courtesy LifeFlip Media)

Veteran’s voices, issues and culture are getting a big boost.

Veteran-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing niches in the economy, yet they feel underserved in the digital marketing and PR world.  A new partnership between 2 vet-centric firms is hoping those veterans will have a new launching pad.

LifeFlip Media and Zero Hour Media – the former, a vet-owned PR firm, the latter a vet-owned digital media company – are joining forces to push the veteran agenda.

“We know that this move will help both companies grow and allow us to serve our clients better,” said Eric Mitchell, Founder and CEO of LifeFlip Media

LifeFlip Media is a leading advocate for what they call “the warrior class,” representing veterans, active and reserve service members, and first responders. Zero Hour Media is a digital marketing firm dedicated to empowering veterans.  By combining forces, they say, veteran entrepreneurs will have a larger platform to distribute their content.

“By combining forces with Zero Hour Media, we are able to tell our clients stories in new and vivid ways,” said Matt Hannaford, VP/COO of LifeFlip Media. “Historically the marketing and PR departments were separate with marketing aimed at consumers, and PR aimed at media and publications. With the increased use of social media, video, and other less traditional channels, this partnership will allow us to help our clients not only tell their stories through the conventional PR channels but also through their own content distribution networks.”

“In the military world, you’re taught to put your head down and work hard,” said Joe Rare, Co-Founder of Zero Hour Media. “You don’t sing your own praises. When veterans transition to the free market, this partnership will assist them in highlighting their capabilities to their community and to the world.”

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