VetStory: a ‘medical marijuana militia’ storms Capitol Hill

vetstory VetStory: a medical marijuana militia storms Capitol Hill


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By Phil Briggs

The American Legion’s recent survey pushed Congress to act on medical marijuana by showing that 92 percent of their members support it.  Representative Matt Gaetz declared the federal government has “lied about cannabis” for a generation. Reporters Phil Briggs & Matt Saintsing introduce you to two war fighters, and the mother of a fallen Marine, who drop words so unforgettable, they hit you like a “Medical Marijuana Militia”.


About our guests:

Janine “MoAB” Lutz, mother of America’s Battalion, founder of Live To Tell

Joshua Frey, USMC Veteran, Combat Veteran, two-time Purple Heart Recipient

Boone Cutler, US Army Retired, Combat Veteran, cannabis activist

Lou Celli, Director of Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, American Legion

Rep Tim Waltz-D, MN, Ranking Member Veterans Affairs Committee

Rep Matt Gaetz-R, FL, Armed Services Committee, Judiciary Committee


Covered in this episode:

  • American Legion Press Conference- 92 % of members support cannabis research
  • The Federal Government has lied about cannabis for years
  • Janine Lutz; VA Gave him Klonapin … 8 days later he’s dead
  • Josh Frey: I was the walking dead …
  • Boone Cutler:  I had a gun to my head …
  • What will Congress do next? We asked them …


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