kevin e1509718868881 Shark Tank success and Former SEAL Eli Crane has made bullets his business

Jen and Eli Crane of Bottle Breacher with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary. Both O’Leary and Mark Cuban invested in the Cranes company on the hit ABC show. (Photo courtesy Eli Crane)

By Eric Dehm

Navy SEALs know a lot about bullets. They spend countless hours loading and discharging rounds from all manner of weaponry. Eli Crane spent 13 years in the SEAL community, so bullets were a big part of his life then.

Believe it or not, they’re an even bigger part of his life now.

2 Shark Tank success and Former SEAL Eli Crane has made bullets his business

Eli Crane served as a SEAL for 13 years, starting Bottle Breacher while he was still in the service. (Photo courtesy Eli Crane)

Crane and his wife Jen founded Bottle Breacher, a company based around transforming .50 caliber rounds into bottle openers, while he was still serving in the Navy. Since starting the company, they’ve seen significant growth, helped along by a successful appearance on Shark Tank where both Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary decided to invest in Bottle Breacher.

“We have a lot of involvement with them,” Crane said during an appearance on The Morning Briefing. “Kevin O’Leary is actually pretty personally involved with our company, he’s been down to Tucson twice… and he’s actually a really cool guy to hang out with and a cool guy to have in your corner.”

Now, the Cranes are focused on growing their business and expanding their offerings, which now includes clothing, key chains, whiskey bullets and a variety of other products. While the expansion from one product to an entire line has been successful, when it began, Crane says there was no shortage of criticism from people on social media who thought the company (and the vet behind it) was getting a bit big for their britches.

fullsizerender 2 Shark Tank success and Former SEAL Eli Crane has made bullets his business

Eli & Jen Crane pose with Mark Cuban, who invested in Bottle Breacher following the Cranes’ appearance on the hit show. (Photo courtesy Eli Crane)

“When you get out, people will try and put you in a box and say ‘this is you, this is your box, don’t get out of it’ but that doesn’t have to be the case,” Crane said. “There’s always going to be haters and people that tell you what you can and can not do and if you listen to them? They’ll be right and that’s what you’ll end up being. But if you believe in yourself and you keep working and grinding hard on a daily basis you can do anything you want to do.”

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