Weed For Warriors aid relief efforts in Puerto Rico

logo podcasts Weed For Warriors aid relief efforts in Puerto Rico

(courtesy of Weed For Warriors)

The Miami chapter of Weed For Warriors, an organization dedicated to raising awareness for medical marijuana, is extending its reach into disaster relief.

The chapter got its start in May of this year, holding events and raising money to advance the cause of the medical uses of cannabis. But when Hurricane Harvey his Southeast Texas in August, the group’s president Branden Limprich decided they should do something to help out.

“We decided hey, we’re able-bodied, why don’t we become some kind of disaster relief chapter?” he said on Connecting Vet’s The Morning Briefing.

And so, the Warfighter Disaster Response Team was born.

The team has been active in both Texas and Florida, responding to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. However, it was Hurricane Maria and the devastation in Puerto Rico that really galvanized the team. Several members of the group decided to travel to Puerto Rico to aid in relief efforts.

After somehow managing to hitch a ride on a Carnival cruise ship, they arrived on the island to find the situation was much worse than they had expected. Even nearly a month after the storm hit, entire communities are without power, some even lacking clean drinking water. Though the mainstream media has largely moved on, the people of Puerto Rico are still paying around $5 for a gallon of gas and upwards of $11 for a bag of ice.

Relief efforts are ongoing, even though the government is forcing the group to leave. That’s not deterring one member, who has decided to temporarily move to Puerto Rico so he can continue helping. The Weed For Warriors Miami chapter will continue to assist the efforts however they can. You can listen to Branden’s report on the state of their group, plus his own personal history with cannabis, below.


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