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By Phil Briggs

Some say this movie is forgettable. Others say it will inspire nightmares. We spoke with a social worker, a veteran’s spouse and a film critic—and their opinions all shared one incredible thing in common. And it’s something every veteran should hear before going to see this movie

About today’s guests:

Kim Ruocco, Director of Veteran Suicide Prevention/ Postvention, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

Caitlin Kenney, Army Veteran Spouse, Reporter/Producer ConnectingVets.com

Alan Zilberman, National Film Critic, published film review in Washington Post Matt Saintsing;


Covered in this episode:

  • Will this film harm Veterans?
  • What it gets wrong … What it get’s right?
  • Living with TBI … What it’s really like
  • Who is the right audience?
  • Empathy Machine?
  • What everyone who sees this film should know


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