See how your VAMC stacks up in this year’s rankings

gettyimages 2716857 See how your VAMC stacks up in this years rankings

NEW YORK: The exterior of the Veterans Affairs Hospital is seen November 10, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By Jonathan Kaupanger

Earlier this year, Veterans Affairs launched the Access and Quality in VA Healthcare website in an effort to be more transparent about wait times for veterans seeking VA appointments. But that’s just half the battle when looking for medical treatment, is the hospital any good would be the other half.

Last year, USA Today found and released a list of VA’s internal ratings on the agencies medical center.  The newspaper is at it again this year, but Connecting Vets took things a step further and added a little more info that can help you look for the best care possible.  Below you’ll find 146 of VA’s medical facilities.  All have been rated by VA on many factors including death, infection, wait times and instances of complications that could have been avoided.  The scale is one star for the worst up to five stars for the best.

There are eleven facilities that remain at one star when compared to last year. 31 increased the rating by one star, including the VAMC in Manchester, NH, even with the explosive allegations of gross mismanagement and public health danger earlier this year.  Only two jumped up two stars, the VA Montana Health Care System which went from one star to three and the James E. Van Zandt VAMC jumped up to five stars.

While looking at the information, on the left side is the VISN number. VISN stands for Veterans Integrated Service Networks, which is long VA language for the area where the medical center is located.  By clicking on the hyperlink, you can see more detailed analytics on how the facility was graded.

The right side of the list shows you the rating from last year as well as the rating for this year. Next to that we list how it changed.  Anything with green shading shows positive changes.  The darker the green the larger the change was for the better.  Red shading are medical centers that slipped in ratings.  The darker the red, the more it slipped.


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