Got a security clearance? Facebook is hiring

gettyimages 490444688 Got  a security clearance?  Facebook is hiring

(Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In an effort to address foreign meddling like that seen in the 2016 national election, Facebook is exploring hiring employees with national security clearances.

The action was first reported by Bloomberg.

Former military, government contractors and intelligence officers are among the job candidates who would have national security clearances.  Typically, when employees move job-to-job, the clearance can transfer with them, as long as the company and position requires the clearance.  Government employees have their security deactivated when they leave government employment, however, it can be reactivated based on their new employer.  Facebook might need to apply for special government facility clearance.

Employees with national security clearance – an expensive and difficult process to obtain – would have access to classified information.  The thought is that they’d be proactive in warding off illegal and inappropriate social media campaigns like the $100,000 Russian campaign that Facebook uncovered in an internal investigation post-election.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, said last month that he intends to increase their security teams by as many as 250 new employees who’d concentrate on maintaining the integrity of social media campaigns that might influence elections and public policy.

Here’s a link to the current job openings at Facebook in security.

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