Military Spouse JD Network wants spouses to practice law nationwide

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By Eric Dehm

If you are a military spouse and also a lawyer, there’s an inherent problem that comes along with a PCS. You may have been licensed to practice while stationed in San Diego, CA but what happens when you move to a new state, say Kansas, which has a different bar association, different requirements, and so on?

In the past, your only recourse was to either hope you moved  to a state with bar reciprocity or begin the licensing process anew.

Hope is often a good thing, but you don’t want to base your ability to work in your profession on hope.

Taking a bar exam again? Sounds great! In fact, why not take the SAT again too! Oh, and have that mean elementary school teacher quiz you on how to spell chrysanthemum while you’re at it and have the best weekend ever!

For the average lawyer it’s a pain, for a military spouse who has to deal with all of the additional headaches that come along with being married to the service, it’s a nightmare. That’s why the Military Spouse JD Network is working to gain reciprocity nationwide for practicing lawyers who happen to be military spouses. So far, they’re over halfway there, finding success in 26 states, but the battle is far from over.

Below, you can hear an interview from The Morning Briefing on with Anna Blanch Rabe, a vet of the Australian army and a USAF spouse herself on why she’s advocating to get this program instituted across the country.

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