Washington Post seeks veterans’ voices

By Chas Henry

washington post logo Washington Post seeks veterans voices

The Washington Post is reaching out to military veterans, asking them to contribute essays — and other writing based on experience and opinion — to its Checkpoint blog.

A tweet by Post staff writer Andrew deGrandpre solicited commentary and perspective from those who have served in the armed forces.

Checkpoint is, in the Post‘s vernacular, “anchored” by longtime national security reporter Dan Lamothe.

Writing for similar venues has in recent years allowed insightful and articulate vets to ensure that frontline views are included in public conversations about security matters.  Thomas J. Brennan, for instance, the former infantry Marine who co-wrote the recently-published book Shooting Ghosts, first gained national attention writing for the New York Times’s blog At War.

Initial Twitter traffic responding to deGrandpre’s offer indicates no shortage of veterans interested in sharing their views.

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