is bringing together the top military influencers in the country

milblogging e1508180472410 is bringing together the top military influencers in the country

The Military Influencer Conference takes place Oct. 22-24 in Dallas and will feature over 30 speakers including those pictured above.

By Eric Dehm

Some of us don’t have much of a plan as we prepare to separate from the service, but Curtez Riggs does.

After a 20-year military career, Riggs created a strategy for his life after the service and quickly put it into action. His first step was purchasing, a website previously known as an index for military-related blogs.

Since purchasing the site, he has turned it into a platform to promote his next step–holding what may be the largest gathering of military influencers to date.

The Military Influencer Conference will take place in Dallas, Tx. from Oct. 22-24, and the list of  guest speakers is as long as it is impressive. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to hear from the men and women behind some of the most popular and successful post-military enterprises in the entire country. DuffelBlog’s Paul Szoldra, Grunt Style’s Daniel Alarik and MilitaryOneClick founder, Jen Pilcher are just some of the attendees from the list of over 30 speakers set to address conference attendees.

You can hear the full interview with Riggs from the ConnectingVets daily morning show “The Morning Briefing,” below. Riggs talks about his Army career, the problems he’s faced during the transition process and how he pulled off getting this many influential vets to commit to becoming a part of his vision.

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