Grunt Style is throwing a party, and vets are invited

gf66 Grunt Style is throwing a party, and vets are invited

(Courtesy of Grunt Style)

By Eric Dehm

To the outsider, Grunt Style sells patriotic clothing.

To the insider (anyone who buys their stuff), Grunt Style sells something more:  culture.

One of the most successful post-9/11 veteran-owned businesses, Grunt Style’s business model has flourished.  They sell cool clothes and accessories to current military, vets, and military lovers through their hugely popular website. The company continues to grow with tremendous support from the vet community, but the team felt there was one thing missing:

Interaction with their customers.

And that’s how Grunt Fest was born.  Grunt Fest 6 takes place in Chicago on Oct. 21.

“In order to understand why we throw it and understand all these cool events you’ve got to kinda have a little bit of context to it,” Grunt Style Director of Events Justin Orick tells “We do most of our business through e-commerce platform, direct to consumer… what we felt was while we have you on our website, that’s great, we are excited to have you there, but we don’t get to have a personal interaction with you.”

That’s how Grunt Fest came into the picture, with the Grunt Style leadership team getting to hang out with and thank those who have made them successful.

racquel e1507905993329 Grunt Style is throwing a party, and vets are invitedThe Oct. 2017 festival includes Laser Tag, adult big wheels races, a performance by country music superstar Canaan Smith, appearances by professional athletes including the UFC’s Racquel Pennington, obstacle courses, bourbon, cigars and more. Orick says that while the main purpose of the event is to have fun with the extended Grunt Style family, there’s also going to be a lot of networking going on.

“It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs,” Orick says. “We have one of the coolest executive teams… these guys get into the crowd and they talk to people, they want to be able to talk to you and they want your feedback on the brand and a lot of people will be able to come up to Dan and ask him business questions… It’s definitely a great networking opportunity and definitely a chance to make new friends.”

Orick says that whether fellow vets are looking for a good time, some new connections, or a little bit of both Grunt Fest 6 is the place to be.

You can hear Orick’s full interview from “The Morning Briefing” below. The Grunt Fest 6 segment begins at the 25 minute mark.

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