By Eric Dehm

Within the veteran community, there are a couple categories of vets that we just don’t talk trash about.

1. Those who have given their lives or parts of their bodies.

2. Those who have earned our nation’s highest awards for valor. These include Bronze Star with “V”, the Silver Star and the granddaddy of them all, the Medal of Honor (MoH).

Instagram celeb (and Navy vet/BUDS washout) Dan Bilzerian? He apparently doesn’t agree on that 2nd category.

You see, it all started when Bilzerian posted a video during the Las Vegas shooting. He was in attendance for the concert when the shooting started and in the video, is seen running away from the scene and saying that he had just seen a woman shot in the head, and that he was running to get his gun and then come back.

Enter USMC veteran and MoH recipient Dakota Meyer. Meyer saw that video and was unimpressed, to say the least, and used Bilzerian’s preferred means of communication to let him know about it.

Not one to back down from a controversy, Bilzerian responded in a video in which he refers to Meyer as “some Marine” and a “retard” but according to Meyer, Bilzerian didn’t stop there.

He says Bilzerian then published contact details of his family including his wife, Bristol Palin, and that the family had been harassed by some of Bilzerian’s followers, which number almost 23 million on Instagram alone.

To say Meyer was unhappy is a bit of an understatement, as you can see in this response video published to his Instagram account.

Here @danbilzerian I'm done with your petty games. Don't ever drag my family into anything. I'm waiting

A post shared by Dakota Meyer (@dakotameyer0317) on

Since then, it’s essentially been radio silence between the two vets. In fact, searching Bilzerian’s Instagram account the videos in question seem to have been removed. So perhaps the hatchet has been buried, and even if it happens it doesn’t seem likely that the fight actually happens.

Of course it’s typically best when cooler heads prevail… but if that fight did happen? Each of them would have some impressive friends who might be able to give them advice. Meyer has trained with MMA superstar (and Green Beret) Tim Kennedy…

… while Bilzerian counts boxing legend Floyd Mayweather among his friends.

Money never sleeps @floydmayweather

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

And, if it ever did happen, they could raise a significant amount of money for veterans charities if they were to step inside of a ring, or cage. I know I’d buy that Pay-Per-View. So Dan, Dakota, if you happen to read this, and even if you two are good now, maybe work on finding a way to have something good come out of this feud.

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