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BERKELEY, CA: One-ounce bags of medicinal marijuana are displayed at the Berkeley Patients Group March 25, 2010 in Berkeley, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Medical marijuana has been in the news a lot lately. Even with some states legalizing weed for medicinal purposes, the federal government still classifies it as a Schedule 1 narcotic. That means that any federal agency, including the Department of Veteran Affairs, can’t even test its possible uses in treatment.

However, this hasn’t stopped some vets from seeking outside sources to get prescriptions for it in states where it is legal. Maryland is one such state, and a group called Canna Care Docs aims to speed up the process.

Canna Care Docs is a group of doctors that qualifies patients into medical marijuana programs in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia. They advocate for medical marijuana for patients suffering from chronic pain and PTSD, and on October 14th, October 28th, and November 4th, they will offer Maryland veterans free consultations to see if they qualify for medical marijuana.

This is a big deal, as typical consults of these types usually cost around $200, and that’s before any of the marijuana is purchased.

The group does not sell the weed, they merely tell the vets if they are eligible for and would benefit from it, and help them get enrolled in a medical marijuana program.

“Unfortunately for many veterans, their health can be negatively affected due to their deployment,” Maggie Fauver, mid-Atlantic operations manager with Canna Care, told the Baltimore Business Journal. “These veteran events are Canna Care Docs’ way of sincerely saying ‘Thank you for our freedom.'”

Veterans who are worried their VA benefits may be compromised if they use medical marijuana need not be concerned. The official stance says, “the VA does not penalize veterans for using marijuana.” The VA will not help you get a prescription for medical marijuana, but they also won’t stop providing you with care.

If veterans are interested in a free consult on those dates, they can visit a Canna Care Docs facility in Takoma Park, Cockeysville, or Columbia, Maryland.

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