Five military movies that missed the mark

It’s happened to every vet at some point. You’re sitting there, enjoying a film, when suddenly a military character enters the scene, and all fun just stops. You know it’s just a movie, but you can’t help it: The rank is wrong, the uniform is all jacked up, they’re saluting a private, they’re talking at Parade Rest, and worst of all, they have their goddang hands in their pockets!

Your blood pressure rises, your hand straightens into a knife-hand, and you feel this nigh uncontrollable urge to tell a fictional character on a movie screen to grab some real estate and push until you get tired.

For some reason, Hollywood has, for years, had a skewed view of the military. In an industry that prides itself on telling “real” stories about “real” people, the kind of disregard for military customs and the way we work is kind of insulting. In recent years, people like Dale Dye have been changing this trend, showing Tinsel Town how things really work in the military.

However, there are still countless films of years past that get some things, if not everything, totally wrong. So, here’s five movies that missed the military mark.


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