Pentagon gives update on hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico

3817392 Pentagon gives update on hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico

Citizen-Soldiers from Army Aviation of the Puerto Rico National Guard, transported food and water to the municipality of Jayuya, P.R., Sept. 27. Photo by Sgt. José Ahiram Díaz-Ramos/PRNG-PAO)

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon gave an update on the military’s relief efforts in response to the destruction caused by hurricanes on Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

Here are a few of the updates according to a statement by Department of Defense spokesman Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis:

-Assessments are complete at 47 of 69 hospitals in Puerto Rico, and fuel and commodities distribution remains top priorities, with priority to hospitals. DoD delivered fuel to nine hospitals and supported the establishment of over 100 points of distribution, including 12 Puerto Rico National Guard armories.

-Eight airports are open, one airport remains closed.

-Five of six FEMA-priority seaports are open or open with restrictions, including, as of Wednesday night, the key port of Mayaguez (west side).

-Brig. Gen. Rich Kim arrived in Puerto Rico Sept. 27 to establish a headquarters and has linked up with territorial authorities, and all components of the Federal response effort.

-The USNS COMFORT is expected to depart Norfolk, VA, Friday and arrive the middle of next week in Puerto Rico.

-The Department of Homeland Security Secretary has issued a 10-day waiver of the Jones Act, allowing the shipment of relief supplies by foreign vessels, from the continental United States to Puerto Rico.

– The situation in the United States Virgin Islands continues to improve; shifting from response to recovery.

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