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Do you smell what the VA is cooking?

gettyimages 3317788 Do you smell what the VA is cooking?

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By Jonathan Kaupanger

One of these doesn’t belong here, can you figure it out? Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck, Department of Veterans Affairs, Gordon Ramsey, The Rock. The obvious choice would be the VA department, but if that’s your guess you are so very wrong!

With the exception of The Rock, they all can all cook and have cookbooks. Yep, even the VA.  The Rock only asks if you can smell what he’s cooking.  Although I don’t know for sure if he can or can’t cook, but I digress.

In VA facilities all across the country, you can find Healthy Teaching Kitchens (HTK). You and your family can improve your health by learning how to make healthy food choices and learn how to prepare meals that taste good and are good for you too.  In some places, the VA offers cooking demonstrations and in others you get the hands-on experience of making the meal yourself.  Some even have gardens and use locally grown food for these demonstrations.

Many of the VA’s HTKs focus on disease specific conditions like diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, heart and kidney disease. You can learn how to manage the side effects of cancer and weight management as well.  All you need to do is ask about a primary care dietitian nutritionist at your local VAMC.

Or visit the VA’s Healthy Teaching Kitchen YouTube Channel to watch video recipes.  And you can download VA’s cookbooks, Yummy Benefits Cookbook and Yummy Benefits Cookbook Version II and check out the recipes that VA dietitians from across the country put together to help keep you and your family healthy.

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