By Jarid Watson

The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick searches for reason, and attempts to address this difficult time in American history. The pair hopes it’s viewed as a portal to open and honest dialogue and, ultimately, a sense of closure.

Both Ken and Lynn sat down with to expound on the emotional 10-part series.

“A good deal of the disunion we experience today — the lack of civil discourse — sort of began in the Vietnam era,” says Burns. “And it may be possible by figuring out what actually did happen, and getting the variety of perspectives that it is possible to get, that we may be able to serve those veterans that we have not be able to serve them before. I think people who see this film will stop saying that complete dead-end, ‘Thank you for your service,’ and may be able to say, ‘Welcome home, what can we do for you?'”

Their monumental undertaking began way back in 2006. Part 1 of The Vietnam War premiers on PBS Monday, September 17th at 8pm ET.

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