rodney Why this veteran stuck it out during Hurricane Harvey

Photo courtesy of Rodney Weedon

By Philip Briggs

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we’re all seeing devastating pictures from Houston to the Texas coast, and our heart goes out to all the victims.

Yet, many of us who have never lived near the coast or endured epic flooding may be asking: how do people get trapped in flood zones? Why did they not evacuate in time?

boathouse2 Why this veteran stuck it out during Hurricane Harvey

A storm-tossed boat rests next to a battered building near Portland, TX. (Photo by Trey Clement)

Rodney Weedon, a Navy veteran and resident of Portland, TX about an hour from Corpus Christi, explained why he decided to stay through the storm.

“Imagine if you went to Houston to ride the storm out … look at the position you’re in now,” he said.

According to Weedon, residents in Portland are high up enough to “not worry about the storm surge” like those on the South Padre Island, which serves as a barrier between the Texas coast and the Gulf of Mexico, have to do.

“I don’t want to say it’s better to stay, especially if you’re on the island … you get an 8-10 foot storm surge, you’re pretty silly to have stayed,” he said.

According to Weedon, those who choose to stay behind when storms roll in are ready for it.

“Generally most people stay behind just to protect their belongings … nobody went into it thinking they were going to have electricity, nobody’s complaining,” he said.

“You just understand that I’m going to stay here … get my family back when power is restored and get things fixed up enough so they can live comfortably.”

Maybe it’s the can-do attitude of a veteran, but Weedon’s words reflect the spirit of many Texans recovering from one of the worst storms in US history.

tree Why this veteran stuck it out during Hurricane Harvey

A tree uprooted by Hurricane Harvey near Portland, TX (Photo by Francisco Abo)

Listen to Rodney Weedon talk about conditions on the ground in Texas and the resiliency of his community after Harvey:

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