Your VA Home Loan: The Benefit That Keeps on Giving

So, here’s a common scenario: You have already used a VA Home Loan, but need to relocate.

Steve Flounlacker, a branch manager for Freedom Mortgage, reminds veterans it’s a benefit to be used again and again.

“You don’t have to lose it once you’ve used it,” Flounlacker tells “A subsequent use of a VA [Loan] is allowed. So once you have used your VA, do not think that’s the first and last.”

Flounlacker says a VA Home Loan is for your primary residence and not for a vacation home or business. However, you can use your benefit to buy a “second home” under “certain circumstances.”

“We’re going to look over your unique circumstances and see if we can administer your benefit. This is your benefit that you earned,” he said. “On the flip side of that is, part of administering something, is not doing harm. We are not going to do any damage to you. So we are going to try to make sure you can qualify for it.”

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