veterans cup sleeve back Starbucks is changing the script of how civilians talk to veterans

Starbucks cup showing the back of their veterans sleeve. (Photo by Starbucks)

By Caitlin M. Kenney

Has anyone ever asked you, as a veteran, if you’ve ever killed anyone or if you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Starbucks has a new campaign that wants to help the public to ask better questions when they talk to veterans about their service.

Their new video spot playing on television now is called “Starbucks Military Commitment: Ask Better Questions,” featuring Starbucks civilian employees talking to veteran and military spouse employees about how they once asked pointed questions about the military and these veterans’ service.

Starbucks’ reasoning for the campaign is that far fewer Americans know someone who has served in the military and so they may have misconceptions about their service, according to their website.

“Since I met you it’s been definitely an eye opener,” said one civilian employee to a Navy veteran in the video.

“I just think people should be more open-minded,” the same civilian says later in the video. The veteran is shown replying, “Just get to know the person.”

The company cites that since 2013 they have hired 10,000 veterans and military spouses, and they have a new goal to hire 15,000 more.

According to their site, they partnered with Team Red White and Blue, Blue Star Families, and Team Rubicon to come up with better questions to ask veterans and military spouses in conversations geared towards getting to know them.

Some of those questions include: “What do you miss about serving?”, “Why did you choose the branch you did?”, “What has your career path been while your spouse is in the military?”, and “How’s your family doing?”

You can see the full list of questions here.

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