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By Jonathan Kaupanger

Purple Heart recipients and disabled veterans in New Jersey can now park for free at all street parking meters in the state.

pic Hey New Jersey veterans, heres how you can get free parking throughout the state

New placards now let New Jersey’s disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients park for free at all metered parking in the state. (New Jersey MVC photo)

The Garden State is issuing new placards for Purple Heart recipients and disabled veterans that can be hung from your rearview mirror and give the driver all the same privileges as a disabled license plate does. The applicant must be the owner of the car, and the placard can only be used when the owner is in the car.

To use this special veteran parking privilege, you must be able to prove that you’re a Purple Heart recipient or that you’re a disabled veteran by providing your DD-214, award of disability letter or the citation awarding the Purple Heart. Applications can be located at any New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC).

If you already have a Person with a Disability placard, you can also get either a PH or DV placard as well, but you can’t have both new cards at the same time. If you qualify for both you have to pick one or the other.  Placards are good for three years.

The owner of the unique placard will also be issued an ID card that will match the owner information on the vehicle registration. This ID card indicates who is actually entitled to use the privilege of the new placard.

For more information, New Jersey veterans can call the NJMVC at (609) 292-6500 or go to this page on their website.

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