gettyimages 187243543 Rep. Barbara Lee calls new WH chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, an extremist

by Eric Dehm

Twitter allows users to use 140 characters to speak their minds. Sometimes, that limited word count can say a whole lot.

Such is the case with this recent tweet from Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.):

The response from the veteran community, on Twitter and elsewhere, has not been kind to Lee’s statement. Retired Army General, and current CNN Military analyst Mark Hertling, was among those to weigh in on the matter.

While he doesn’t speak for the president anymore, former White House Press Secretary and Navy veteran Sean Spicer spoke for himself in response to Lee’s tweet.

Self-described U.S. Navy and Air Force mom, Pam appeared to see the tweet as a direct insult to her family members, and as such was a bit less polite.

Justin Brown, Founder and CEO of HillVets tells “Frankly, I find the tweet appalling.” Though he also points out Representative Lee’s past efforts to work on improving the VA facility in Oakland, CA which is in Lee’s district.

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