GruntStyle CEO sends message to Illinois: “Fix yourself and don’t mess with my team”

Army veteran Dan Alarik, the Founder and CEO of military themed clothing company GruntStyle took to his public Facebook page to make a powerful statement on how his company is reacting to the recently announced increases to income tax in GruntStyle’s home state of Illinois.


alarikfb GruntStyle CEO sends message to Illinois: Fix yourself and dont mess with my teamThe strongly worded response from the former Drill Sergeant turned successful entrepreneur comes in response to Illinois announcing the largest permanent income tax hike in state history.

The state personal income tax increased to 4.95 percent from 3.75 percent while the corporate income tax has increased to from 5.25 percent to 7 percent, effective retroactive to July 1. reached out to Alarik for further comment and he says the reason for the pay increase for all employees (approximately 50% of which are veterans) is that he can not, in good conscience, allow what he sees as the poor leadership of the Illinois government to negatively affect the lives of his team.

“We don’t want the failings of our leaders falling on the shoulders of our hard working employees.”

The tax hike is estimated to bring in about $5 billion annually. This means the average Illinois household will pay $1,125 in additional taxes annually, according to independent Illinois public policy watchdog

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