Getting over the anxiety and stress of buying a home

gettyimages 552643053 Getting over the anxiety and stress of buying a home

USA flag on a residential home in Carmichael, California, April 2015. (Getty Images)

One expert reminds Veterans that using VA home loan benefits is a smart investment.

“Everybody has to have somewhere to live,” says Dave Luber, senior vice president at Freedom Mortgage. “If you’re paying a mortgage, when you go to sell that house, you are taking the equity instead of putting all that into the landlord’s pocket.”

Luber, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, puts home ownership by Veterans into perspective.

“It’s unlike other investments. You actually live in it, so you’re benefiting from it every single month.”

He urges Veterans to call (800) 601-0770 to work with Freedom Mortgage on VA home loans. Luber says it can pay off in ways you never considered.

“Every single day your house is appreciating. Every single day that is value you do not see in cash flow in your pocket. When you go to sell that, it’s a huge shot in the arm. If you live in a house for two years or more, you don’t pay any taxes on that property.”

He says buying a home is a major investment and it is normal to have some anxiety.

“It was always frightening to me to think about buying a house. It’s kind of like enlisting. You sign your name like 150 times and this crazy paperwork [is] coming at you,” he says.

“But actually, it’s the same impression that others have. It’s always easier than you think. The first time that you do it, someone else has already gotten that paperwork together, and you sit there with a notary and just sign, sign, sign, sign. And it’s not that hard. It’s a scary thing… ‘oh my God, all this debt,’ — but what a wonderful thing owning a home.”

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