satanic Elimination of ‘free speech’ zone in Vets cemetery halts satanic monument

Veterans look at graves as they visit the Ranville Cemetery (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

By Matt Saintsing

A proposed satanic monument will not be placed in Minnesota’s Veterans Memorial Park after the City Council moved to eliminate the park’s “Free Speech” zone Monday night.

Belle Plaine, population 7,000, created the zone earlier this year to allow for a privately owned statue, depicting a silhouette of a soldier kneeling before a cross — despite it being a religious symbol in the public park.

With the elimination of the zone, the cross will no longer be featured in the park.

The zone gained national attention when Satanic Temple proposed a monument of their own depicting inverted pentagrams with an upside-down soldier’s helmet.

According to Chris Andres, the monument’s designer, the upside-down helmet “can act as a bowl wherein remembrances and messages to the fallen may be placed in their honor.” The monument sparked an outcry when locals and others from around the country protested its presence.

The memorial had not been installed at the time of the vote.

The City Council did not debate or discuss the “Free Speech” zone, and the measure was part of a package including 14 other initiatives on the agenda. The batch was approved in the beginning of the meeting.

The city of Belle Plaine had previously approved the memorial as they felt it met the requirements of honoring veterans.

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