Overwhelming support for Army veteran’s dying wish crashes his phone

gettyimages 146942668 Overwhelming support for Army veterans dying wish crashes his phone

This photo shows a person using a mobile phone touch screen keypad to write a text message. (Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images)

Lee Hernandez is a terminally ill Army veteran who has a dying wish – that people call or text his phone. That wish has been granted.

screen shot 2017 07 18 at 4 50 51 pm Overwhelming support for Army veterans dying wish crashes his phone

A screenshot of a Facebook post on the Arizona Veterans Fourm asking fellow veterans to reach out to Lee Hernandez.

Last week, a Facebook post on the Arizona Veterans Fourm said the 47-year-old suffers from a mystery illness that causes him to have strokes that affect his vision and cognitive abilities. He recently asked his wife to hold his cell phone for him “in case someone calls,” but after two hours and a silent phone, Hernandez told his wife “I guess no one wants to talk to me.”

Hundreds of thousands of people across the country reached out to Hernandez after hearing his story, which was featured on our Morning Briefing.

“At one point Lee had over 100,000 text messages on his cell phone! Of course Lee couldn’t read them all and it crashed his cell phone,” an update posted to a GoFundMe page for Hernandez said.

“The fact that people contacted him and there were people who cared, has really made a dramatic effect on Lee’s mood and spirit and overall health. Today he has had one of the best days in a long time and even danced!”

Although that wish has been granted, Lee is still in need of a few things, including a device to transport his motorized wheelchair. According to the GoFundMe page, paperwork has been submitted with the Department of Veterans Affairs, but the process could take 15 months or longer.

Lee and his family are also in need of some household items and modifications, service dog and funds to travel to places on his bucket list.

“We don’t like saying that Lee’s time is short, but the doctors have said that there is nothing else they can do for Lee and he is home on hospice,” the update said. “Our goal is to fill this season of his life with all the joy that we can.”

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