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The Combat Art Program, which started in 1942 has grown to include over 9,000 pieces of art and has help to expand awareness of art as therapy for veterans. (Kaylah Jackson/

By Kaylah Jackson

The National Museum of the Marine Corps’ Combat Art Gallery will open July 9 with its inaugural exhibition “Honor, Courage, Commitment: Marine Corps Art, 1975-2015.” The gallery features 100 works of art by 22 Marines, all who have served within the last 40 years.

The official Marine Corps Combat Art Program began in 1942. Its mission was to keep Americans informed of their Marines’ actions overseas, according to museum officials. The program was disestablished after World War II, enjoyed a short rebirth during the Korean War, and was permanently established in 1966.

“Since that time, the Marine Corps Combat Art Collection has grown to include more than 9,000 works by more than 350 artists. The works represent Marine experiences around the globe by artists who used their talents to tell the story of their fellow Marines, based in part on their own experiences and perspectives,” a statement from the museum read.

The exhibit will be on display through April 2018. got a sneak preview of the exhibit before its debut this weekend:

combat art gallery

The Combat Art Gallery showcases 100 works of art themed around the core of the Marine Corps values: honor, courage and commitment. (Kaylah Jackson/


marine corps museum

“Friendly Fire — M240 under Illum” created by Col. Craig Streeter, USMC, a watercolor painting. (Kaylah Jackson/


marine corps museum

“Bombing of Al Wafra,” an oil on canvas painting created by Cpt. Charles G. Grow, USMC. (Kaylah Jackson/


national marine corps museum

The National Museum of the Marine Corps, which houses exhibits showcasing the contributions made by Marines in the U.S. abroad is located in Triangle, VA., and is free and open to the public. (Kaylah Jackson/

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