32222247313 f50ad2a55b k A Canadian sniper may have just broken the world record for longest kill shot in military history

File photo of a sniper (U.S. Marine Corps photo).

A Canadian sniper may have just made history.

The Canadian Army confirms that a member of the Joint Task Force 2, coalition partners in the U.S. -led Operation Inherent Resolve, successfully made a world record-breaking shot.

Per usual, the identity of the sniper will not be released for operational and security reasons.

The elite sniper used a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle while firing from an elevated position during an operation that took place within the last month in Iraq, according to a report from The Global and Mail.

The bullet, taking only 10 seconds to reach its target, was fired from 3,540 meters which is approximately 2.19 miles.

“This one boggles my mind,” Jack Murphy, a U.S. Army Special Operations sniper and editor of SOFREP, told CBS Radio’s Connecting Vets.

“I was told just after they took this shot, they had another opportunity, they spotted a group of three ISIS terrorists standing right next to each other at a range of about 3,200 meters, which would have been another record breaking shot … they shot at those guys and all three of them hit the ground … but then all three of them jumped up and ran away.”

“The Canadians are known for having exceptionally talented snipers,” Murphy added.

Charles Henderson, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and author of “Marine Sniper,” says a shot like this “comes down to just human training and superior marksmanship.”

“I have no doubts, the equipment is certainly capable of that and more … it’s a credit to this warrior’s training and his abilities.”

Canadian snipers, considered to be known amongst the best in the world, are leading the tally in longest confirmed sniper kills.

Here’s a quick look at the stats:

  1. Canadian sniper, Iraq, 2017: 3,540 meters
  2. British sniper, Afghanistan, 2009: 2,475 meters
  3. Canadian sniper, Afghanistan, 2002: 2,430 meters
  4. Canadian sniper, Afghanistan, 2002: 2,310 meters
  5. U.S. sniper, Iraq, 2004: 2,300 meters

Listen to the interview with U.S. Army Special Operations sniper Jack Murphy:

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