screenshot2 Resumé trouble? Get help translating your military service into civilian speak

(Image courtesy of Hiring Our Heroes)

By Eric Dehm

Civilian employers rarely care about your performance evaluation. They want a resumé.

But before you Google “How do I write a resumé” or pay someone for help, a free alternative is at your fingertips.

A new app — created by Hiring Our Heroes, a non-profit organization started by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — helps veterans and their spouses navigate the transition of finding employment in their post-military lives.

It’s called “Resumé Engine,” and it’s a “resume builder,” says Liz O’Brien of Hiring Our Heroes.

“It takes your service and translates into civilian speak. You click on your branch, you click on your MOS or rating and it starts building it out. What it’s doing is translating everything into civilian speak. When you are finished, you have a resumé that has your medals on it, has your MOS translated into civilian words for those HR recruiters and it produces an unbelievable resumé.”

And the app is fully functional on the smallest of devices.

“We worked very hard to get this on mobile devices,” O’Brien says. “Now we have people creating a resumé in 30 minutes on their iPhone. What’s very cool too is that employers who sign up with us can go and search our database for the resumés our users create and narrow it down by location, or field, or you name it they can narrow it down to find veterans who would be a good fit.”

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